Do you know all you need to know about AAU Basketball Teams?

Are you looking for “AAU Basketball Teams” for your child to play on?

Many parents and players have never heard about AAU Basketball and do not really know what it means.

AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union, which is one of the largest non-profile organizations in the United States.  (

Some people do not know that anybody can join AAU!

Yes… that means that anybody can go online and buy a membership to either play, coach, or host tournaments.

This brings up good things and bad things for AAU Basketball Teams.

Average AAU Basketball Teams Pros/Cons



Unfortunately, now-a-days AAU basketball teams, are considered to be “money-makers.”

Many programs will not even make cuts, which means that everybody will make a basketball team.

What happens when everybody makes a basketball? The competition level goes down, players are practicing less, and traveling upwards to 2 hours to play a game in which they barely get any ball touches.

At the youth level for basketball programs in Mass and NH, everything is about instant gratification… such as: everybody makes a team, everybody gets a trophie/participation award/uniform etc…

After trying out for a particular AAU team, a player make get a call or email the next day saying you made the team!

The parent thinks to him or her self… “I didn’t think my son was that good to make an “elite” team?!…” Well… you may be right.

A lot of AAU Basketball Teams will accept anybody just to make $$ money.

Although there are some very high quality programs, many of them have very few AAU Basketball Teams and are organized as non-profits or fully funded by outside sources.

How is Premier Hoops Different?

Premier Hoops is not AAU, but we play against many AAU Basketball Teams and we play in weekend tournaments.

Many of our tournament games will be played in the Zero Gravity Circuits and EYBL, NIKE, and Under Armor Sponsored events for upper teams.

Premier Hoops has a very unique foundation: Skills Training / Development.

In no other program in New England, can a player train seven days per week with D1, D2, D3 college basketball trainers.

We offer a year round skills training program, unlike many AAU programs which only play games in Spring/Fall.

After every 8 week seasonal training program, each player receives an evaluation from one of our coaches on the strength and weak areas of their game.

Then the player can work hard and set goals to improve on what our coaches recommend.

It takes time, but our system really works…

We have been training players since 2009, and we are now seeing many of players improving so much and entering to play at the college level.

Another unique are of our basketball program is private/small group training sessions.

Players can come into any one of our gyms in Mass or Southern NH and train at anytime with a private coach on:

If you are interested in representing the #1 Skills Training Program in New England in competitive weekend tournaments please contact us!

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