The Premier Difference

The Premier Hoops Difference focuses on taking young athletes and turning them into better and smarter basketball players.

Not only do our clients learn the fundamentals necessary to becoming a great basketball player, but they begin to learn WHY they are making the on-court decisions that they make and how to make SMART basketball decisions.

Anyone can learn how to shoot or make a cut, but a true basketball player understands when to make each cut and how to get their shot off quicker.

At Premier Hoops, Basketball Skills MA, we teach our clients how to integrate the skills they learn to real time situations that they will encounter on the court.

Whether our athletes are performing speed and agility drills or simply going through their dynamic warm-up routine, every single movement is designed to make them all-around better athletes and basketball players.

Premier Hoops clients are students of the game of basketball, and we go beyond traditional training methods in teaching them the game.