Anthony Davis is quickly becoming one of my favorite players to watch.  Anthony Davis is a 6-10, 220 pound forward/center who plays for the New Orleans Pelicans.  Davis had a career night last night in which his team defeated the Utah Jazz in Utah 106-94.  Anthony Davis’ stat line was:


43 Points

16 Rebounds

16-23 FGA

11-12 FTA


and one swat for good measure.


Anthony Davis is currently having a career year in which he is averaging 26.3 PPG, 11.4 RPG, and 3.5 BLKS per game.  Davis has a 7-4 wingspan which helps him to patrol the point and cover up for defensive mistakes made by his teammates, making Davis one of the few players in the NBA which can impact the game offensively and defensively.

If you watch Anthony Davis play, you will notice that he has the skills of a guard and is able to put the ball on the floor and beat slower and awkward defenders off the dribble.  Davis grew between 6’2″ to 6’10” between his sophomore and senior years in high school (8 inches in 18 months).  Due to Davis’ transformation, he carried guard skills with him over into a big man’s body.

Anthony put in a lot of work in the off-season developing his body and his mid-range jump shot.  Davis, who was once considered a scrawny kid with a questionable offensive game, is now able to hold his own under the boards, and draw out the defense from the basket, as you now have to respect his feathery touch.

Davis’ rise to stardom is a perfect example of hard work and a player wanting to live up to his potential.  There are many positions which are important in the NBA, and over the last few years point guards have been all the rage.  However, in the NBA, a forward/center like Anthony Davis is the most valuable piece to have on your roster.  Think back to how Tim Duncan impacted the San Antonio Spurs, how Pau Gasol impacted the Los Angeles Lakers, and how Kevin Garnett impacted the Boston Celtics.  In basketball, and in sports in general, you often hear the cliché, “Defense wins championships.”  Having a solid defense, and having a player who can block shots, alter shots, and make players think twice about coming in the paint, is an asset in the NBA which rarely comes along, and will help you get closer to hoisting the trophy.

Anthony Davis is instantly going to make the New Orleans Pelicans threats in the highly competitive Western Conference.  I am rooting for New Orleans and for Anthony Davis to make the NBA Playoffs.  I want to see Davis in the national spotlight and compete under the brightest of lights.  I hope that the ownership of the New Orleans Pelicans and Tom Benson realize what they have in Anthony Davis and are willing to make good basketball decisions to continue to improve the team.  Until then, keep a ,“BROW”, on Mr. Davis as he continues to grow and improve his game.


Contributing writer Jasen Sousa for Premier Hoops is the author of a number of poetry and fiction books for young people. Jasen has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and is a life-long participant and fan of the game of basketball.