New NBA Season Tips Off This Week!!!

The National Basketball Association is set to tip-off its 69th year this upcoming 2014-2015 season! I seriously began watching basketball during the 1991-1992 season when the Chicago Bulls were in the infancy of their dynasty. As a fan of the game, I began rooting for the Boston Celtics and their up and coming superstar Reggie […]

Save Big on Winter Programs Before October 31st!!!

Premier Hoops is excited to announce some amazing discounts taking place over the next week. This promotion is only available for a limited time, so please take some time to review the discounts offered for the following programs and see how they are both cost effective and crucial to helping the student athlete improve their […]

New Winter Basketball Leagues | Eastern, MA and New Hampshire

We’re very excited about the upcoming winter basketball season. It’s a chance for many players to show off the hard work that they put in, in the off-season. Summer 2014 was the biggest summer in the history of Premier Hoops, with over 250 athletes training in Billerica, Peabody, Cambridge, Lynn, Malden, Woburn, and Marblehead. This […]

Improving Your Basketball Speed

  Being fast on the basketball court is a fundamental way to increase your productivity and effectiveness as a basketball player.   What Is “Basketball Speed” and How Is It Different From ‘Regular Speed”? Basketball speed is different from regular speed because basketball is not played in a straight line.  Basketball is a game which […]

Making The Best of A Bad Situation

On every team there is usually one athlete who is considered the best at what they do. At certain moments in practice, and at certain moments during the game, this player usually steps up to the challenge and is able to overcome exhaustion and produce results that no one else on the team is able […]

New Winter Basketball Programs – Mass – New Hampshire

Premier Hoops is excited to offer some great new programs beginning this winter which will help develop the fundamentals of young basketball players all over Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New England. Premier Hoops continues to expand their services and partnerships with athletic venues all over New England to ensure that your child has the opportunity […]

Maintaining Excellence

After watching the San Antonio Spurs lose to Berlin Alba Berlin earlier in the week, and after watching the Miami Heat mentally and physically collapse after a two-year title run, I thought it would be interesting to explore how a team is able to sustain excellence over a period of time, and how the mental […]

Balancing Books and Basketball

              Balancing Books and Basketball Making the basketball team might be the only thing on your mind and the one goal you are putting all of your energy into. However, if you are not able to keep up with your classes and assignments, your basketball season is quickly going […]