It is very difficult to find a good, high quality basketball program in MA!


The key essentials to a great program are:

When you look for a program, make sure you consider these factors! A lot of programs in Massachusetts claim to be “ELITE”, however, they are simply about making money.

Each season, AAU and other programs host tryouts to create teams. For example, in January, February, and March programs in MA host tryouts for the spring season. In the spring, they put together teams to practice together and compete in weekend tournaments.

Do not trust a program where every player makes a team!

Do you really think that one practice per week for about 8 weeks will make your son/daughter a better basketball player?

Typically these AAU programs offer one practice per week, one skills and drills clinic per week, and 6-7 weekends of tournament play.

The programs that claim to be ELITE have some of the worst and poorly organized skill development clinics, so you can cancel the “one skills practice per week” out of the season’s equation.

Now you are left with one team practice and about 6 or 7 weekends of tournaments, where your son or daughter may get 5-10 ball touches in a given weekend.

Please tell me how that makes any sense for your young athlete?

If you see this happening in a program, then this is a sign that they are simply trying to make money of you and your child.

Every time should be competitive and hard to make. This keeps athletes practicing hard to continue to improve and get better for the next level.

Many basketball, AAU and other programs in the Massachusetts will create a team for almost every athlete that tries out. Now, how does that make sense?

If players are not that good, they need to practice their skills everyday and improve. They shouldn’t be rewarded by making a team…

So… make sure to be realistic and understand where your child is at in his/her development. If your son/daughter is just a beginner and they make an AAU team then you know it’s all about the money!

For over 75% of youth athletes, playing on an AAU team for beginners is a waste of money and time.

If you want your money to go well spent, try Premier Hoops.

Premier Hoops offers top level skill development programs with a personalized coach to player ratio.

Our skill programs work players hard and kids see results!

We believe in a regimented skill training program, which gives the opportunity for our players to train up to five nights per week in a given season.

We know we have a good program because of the tremendous results we’ve seen in our athletes over the past four years!

…Train With The Best.