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Want to learn more about youth basketball dribbling drills?

Premier Hoops is the #1 Basketball Training Program in New England!

Premier is announcing new year-round basketball programs in Northern MA and Southern NH.

Our two new locations are: Methuen, MA and Salisbury, MA

youth basketball dribbling drills

Year round skills and drills includes:

Premier Hoops specializes in many skills training areas, but one of our strongest is youth basketball dribbling drills:

What is so important in developing good ball-handling skills is daily practice.

At Premier Hoops, we start with various levels of youth basketball dribbling drills:

  1. Kiddie Hoops (Ages 4-7) – currently takes place on Sundays in Salisbury, MA, which borders Southern NH. This program features introductory skills building such as: ball strength, finger tip warm ups, basic dribbling forwards and backward, side to side, and basic dribble moves.
  2. Jr. Skills (Ages 7-11) – the program is conducted at Methuen, MA and Salisbury, MA locations, which is very convenient for families coming from Southern New Hampshire. In these classes we work on slightly more difficult skills such as dribbling drills through the legs, more advanced ball-strengthening drills such as: “candy-canes”, “spiders” and more.
  3. Elite Skills (Ages 11-16) – this program is for middle and high school boys or girls, who want to be great and play at the next level (high school and college varsity). Drills in this program are very advanced and include: two-ball dribbling drills, tennis ball dribbling drills, advanced combo move drills, and much more!

Neighboring Southern NH communities include: Seabrook NH, North Hampton NH, Exeter NH, Rye NH, Stratham NH, Hampton NH, Kingston NH, Newton NH, Plaistow NH, and Atkinson NH.

What are some of the best youth basketball dribbling drills?

  1. 10 Great Youth Basketball Warm-Up Drills for Ball-Handling

These drills are perfect for you just walk into the gym.

They are a great way to loosen up and stretch out before getting into more fast paced drills.

2. These next drill is great for dribble moves:

3. More advanced two-ball dribbling drills for youth:


More great drills / links include:

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