Summer Basketball Clinics in Peabody, MA


Are you looking to enroll your child into one of our incredible summer basketball clinics?

We have several unique programs for players of all age levels and genders in Peabody, MA area.

Our summer basketball clinics focus on teaching the fundamentals of to youth basketball players.

This includes drills for: ball-handling, passing, shooting, defense, offensive spacing, speed, agility, strength, and much more.

Coming out of a weekly or monthly clinic, your child will feel more confident than ever before.

Moreover, your child will learn the drills that he/she needs to know in order to practice by themselves and improve on their weaknesses.

Some of the basketball skills clinics in Peabody include:

June 3 – June 30 | 4-Week “Intro to 4S” (Ages 7-17) +CLICK HERE

This program will give your child a great feel for what training will be like in July-August.

The drills are focused around improving basketball speed, stamina, skills, and strength and are geared towards players of all different skill levels.

June 4 – June 26 | 4-Week WEEKEND Specialty Skills (Ages 7-17) +CLICK HERE

If you are looking for private instruction on specialty skills such as defense, footwork, shooting, and scoring in the low post this is the ultimate summer basketball skills program.

Each weekend class is Saturday and Sunday from 9am-11am and the focus changes every weekend.

July 5 – August 25  | Jr. Coed | 8-Week 4S Training (Incoming 2-6 Graders) +CLICK HERE

Is your child a beginner / junior level play?

Take weeknight skills classes 1xwk, 2xwk or more for 8 weeks.

This program will improve the confidence and skills of your child.

July 5 – August 28 | Elite All Girls | 8-Week 4S Training (Incoming 6-12 Graders) +CLICK HERE

Do you want to significantly improve your skills and speed/agility?

This is the elite all girls version of 8-week 4s summer training.

Train up to five times per week for 8 weeks and coming out of the program feeling like a champ!

July 5 – August 28 | Elite All Boys | 8-Week Summer Training (Incoming 6-12 Graders) +CLICK HERE

Middle, High School, and College Level boys… do not miss this summer opportunity to dramatically improve your stamina and skills.

This is a flexible 8-week summer basketball training program in Peabody, Ma area that you will truly remember for years to come.

July 18 – July 22 | 5-Day Super Skills Clinic (Ages 8-16) +CLICK HERE

August 8 – August 12  | 5-Day Super Skills Clinic (Ages 8-16) +CLICK HERE

Full days weekly clinics are the perfect summer option if you want you child to do basketball for an entire week (Monday-Friday).

This program is for junior and advanced level players.

There are flexible times such as 9:30am-12:30pm (half day) or 9:30-3:00pm (full day).

July 25 – July 29 | 5-Day All-Star Clinic (Ages 6-12) +CLICK HERE

August 15 – August 19 | 5-Day All-Star Clinic (Ages 6-12) +CLICK HERE

Is your child new to the game?

Try these great full week summer basketball skills clinics, where they will make new friends, stay active, and improve their abilities.

Location of all Peabody, Ma basketball skills clinics:

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