New Basketball Training Boston MA will take your child’s game to the next level.


New Premier Hoops Boston Location Workouts Begin Tomorrow April 27th!!!

Premier Hoops kicks off an exciting new chapter tomorrow evening as workouts officially begin at the Reggie Lewis Center.

Premier Hoops his established itself as the #1 Basketball Skills Training Program in New England and has been developing young athletes in the North Shore community for a number of years.

In order to serve aspiring basketball players in the heart of Boston, Premier Hoops will bring its award winning and experienced training staff to Boston at the Reggie Lewis Center.

The new basketball training in Boston, Ma will completely lift your child’s game.

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What Will You Or Your Child’s Experience Be Like With Premier Hoops?

As stated above, the coaching staff with Premier Hoops are the most experienced coaches that one could hope for in a basketball training program. Coaches have coached and played within the most diverse and professional basketball leagues all around the world. They know what it is like to participate in a basketball skills training program and make sure that they every young athlete who walks through the door will receive the attention and dedication that is deserved and required in order to build confidence and skills. The coaching staff realizes that young athletes who enter the gym are looking to improve their game and will not allow a young athlete to lose their drive because they are overlooked and ignored inside a crowded gym of basketball players who are all looking to prove that they are talented.

What To Expect During The Training Session?

These basketball training classes are different than anything else you have ever tried.

The Premier Hoops coaching staff believes in developing and nurturing the fundamentals of every young basketball player so they have a foundation to build their skills.

Passing Skills– Athletes will go through a variety of different passing drills to develop court vision and awareness. Passing in an underrated skill that is not focused on as frequently as it should be. Being able to setup your teammates and get them in scoring position will guarantee you more playing time.

Shooting Skills– Are you looking to become a more accurate shooter and increase your field goal percentage? The coaching staff with Premier Hoops will ensure that your shot and release are as efficient and fundamentally sound as possible. Find your sweet spots on the court and learn how to shoot over taller defenders.

Dribbling and Ball Handling– Do you keep getting the ball stolen while trying to advance the ball up the court? Learn how to evade and use your body to ward off pesky defenders.

Endurance and Strength Building– Learning a wide array of new moves is great, but if you don’t have the proper endurance, your chances of being competitive and effective are slim. Premier Hoops will put you through strength and conditioning drills to make sure you remain on the floor during the 4th quarter.

Take your child’s basketball training to the next level at our new Boston, Ma location.

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Contributing writer Jasen Sousa for Premier Hoops is the author of a number of poetry and fiction books for young people. Jasen has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and is a life-long participant and fan of the game of basketball.