2on2 Basketball Tournament Greater Boston


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2on2 Tourney Greater Boston

All winners will receive special prizes including scholarships to Premier Hoops programs!


Saturday, June 15


9:00-9:45am | 1-2 Grade Coed Division

9:45-10:30am | 3-4 Grade Boys

9:45-10:30am | 3-4 Grade Girls

10:30-11:15am | 5-6 Grade Boys

11:15am-12:00pm | 7-8 Grade Boys

12:00-12:45pm | 9-12 Grade Boys

12:45pm-1:30pm | 5-7 Grade Girls

1:30-2:15pm | 8-12 Grade Girls

2:15-3:00pm | Adult 18+ Coed


Boston Sports Clubs, 194 Newbury Street, Peabody, MA 01960

Questions? Well Call You!

More about the cause

Premier Hoops is teaming up with You’re With Us! for a third straight year to help raise awareness and money for this incredible cause!

You’re With Us! is making a positive impact in the inclusion of disabled 18+ year old young adults in colleges and universities across the country.

All winners will receive special prizes including scholarships to Premier Hoops programs!

Compete and have fun, while raising money for a great cause.

Proceeds of the tournament will be donated to You’re With Us! and tournament winners will receive special prices.

About You’re With Us!

Michael Plansky, local resident and accomplished basketball coach, recognized that the disabled often feel left out in social settings.

He created You’re with Us to bridge the gap between the disabled and able-bodied when it comes to sports.

But it is bigger than sports!
You’re with us connects disabled young adults (18+) with high school and college programs to become members of the team!
It all started with his son Max, who became a member of the Northeastern Huskies men’s basketball program.
Since then, Michael has replicated this model to help dozens of young adults.
Proceeds will go to You’re With Us to help even more disabled athletes be members of the team!!!

2on2 tourney profits go towards You’re With Us!, which is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that creates inclusion opportunities for young adults (18+) who, because of their disabilities, are not part of a group, community or activity that would be typical of their abled peers.

Thank you to the hundreds of kids and families who came out for 2on2 Tourney for A Great Cause last year!

2on2 Tourney 2016

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$30.00 (1 Player/Any Division), $50.00 (Team Fee) 1-2 Grade Coed, $50.00 (Team Fee) 3-4 Grade Boys, $50.00 (Team Fee) 3-4 Grade Girls, $50.00 (Team Fee) 5-6 Grade Boys, $50.00 (Team Fee) 7-8 Grade Boys, $50.00 (Team Fee) 9-12 Grade Boys, $50.00 (Team Fee) 5-7 Grade Girls, $50.00 (Team Fee) 8-12 Grade Girls, $50.00 (Team Fee) Adult 18+ Coed


18+, 3-6 Grade, 7-12 Grade, K-2 Grade