Cambridge, MA Specialized Winter Basketball Classes


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Questions? We’ll Call You!

Over the course of the winter, your child will also make new friends and want to come back every-time!

The coaches will evaluate the players as the program progresses and suggest special drills and improvements that they can make.

TRUST US! We’ve all done it ourselves!

Each one of our coaches has gone through the type of basketball training that they will teach your child. 

The results from the basketball training has helped them to reach the next level just like it will help your child as well.

On top of small group training this winter in Cambridge,  we also offer private 1-on-1 and semi-private classes click here that will give your child an edge.

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$40 Friday Drop-In (1 Hour), $55 Saturday Drop-In (2 Hours), $249 Friday League (Ages 6-10), $249 Friday League (Ages 11-16), $429 Saturday Skills (Ages 6-10), $429 Saturday Skills (Ages 11-16), $599 Friday & Saturday (Ages 6-10), $599 Friday & Saturday (Ages 11-16)