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Lexington Youth Basketball Skills Program

Thursday Program “Fundamental Skills”

GRADES: Elementary – High School

DATES: Thursdays, April 27th-June 15th

4:00pm-4:55pm Kiddie Skills (Ages 4-7)

5:00-5:55pm Jr. Skills (Ages 7-12)

6:00-6:55pm Elite Skills (Ages 11-17)

LOCATION: Estabrook School is located at 117 Grove Street, Lexington, MA 02420

REGISTRATION: People can register in person at the Lexington Community Center or online through our online registration system (https://www.activityreg.com/ClientPage_t1.wcs?clientid=LXNGTNMA&siteid=1).

More about our Spring Basketball Skills Program in Lexington, Ma!


Kiddie Division:

It all starts w/ the young ones!!

During these classes, players learn about the rules of the game and other basketball facts!

Classes consist of stretching, jumping, ball-coordination drills, passing, shooting and real scrimmaging!!!

fall-north-shorebasketball skills

Jr. Division:

Focuses on taking a step-up in skills and drills.

Many of our jr. youth basketball players will learn new drills, but also get to play games against each other.

About 30-35 minutes of each session focuses on the basketball skills fundamentals.

The remaining time is used to put these skills into use by playing games!


Elite Division:

These players have been training and playing basketball for a while now and know what it takes to lift their game up!

During the course of this program, each player will be pushed to reach a new level of skills.

The majority of this program focuses on elite drills such as ball-handling, shooting, passing, finishing and more.

We will also scrimmage during each class!