Premier Hoops Most Improved Player Awards 2016

We are extremely proud to announce the Spring 2016 Most Improved Players!

These players have shown tremendous commitment to the program for the entire course of the Spring Season and the coaches have voted them to have shown the most improvement.

Our mission to train and nurture youth basketball players through conditioning and developing skills, while instilling the importance of setting goals, working hard, and being a good citizen.

The players below exemplify what we strive to teach at Premier Hoops, every day!

Xavier T. Rodriguez – 1st Grade (Lynn, MA)

Ansh Kataria – 2nd Grade (Gloucester, MA)

Ally Bettencourt – 3rd Grade (Peabody, MA)

Ian Macdonald – 3rd Grade (Georgetown, MA)

Charlie Harris – 5th Grade (Brookline, MA)

Morginn Kotchian – 5th Grade (Beverly, MA)

John Bomback – 5th Grade (Georgetown, MA)

Ari Eon – 6th Grade (Peabody, MA)

Emmett Whiley – 6th Grade (Cambridge, MA)

Craig Michalowski – 6th Grade (Marblehead, MA)

Jack Washam – 6th Grade (Nashua, NH)

Justin Grossman – 7th Grade (Brookline, MA)

Nomar Berrios – 7th Grade (Salem, NH)

Steven Lafferty – 7th Grade (Peabody, MA)

Cam Rooney – 7th Grade (Georgetown, MA)

Anthony Bello – 7th Grade (Lynn, MA)

Zayden Dunbar – 7th Grade (Chelsea, MA)

Hailey Lindstrom – 8th Grade (Peabody, MA)

Hailey Anderson – 8th Grade (Beverly, MA)

David Paige-Alexander – 8th Grade (Cambridge, MA)

Corwin Newsome – 8th Grade (Salem, MA)

Ben Polimont – 8th Grade (Cambridge, MA)

Andrew Morin – 8th Grade (Beverly, MA)

Nicholas Ciciulla – 9th Grade (Medford, MA)

Peter Holmes – 9th Grade (Peabody, MA)

Colin Dow – 10th Grade (Georgetown, MA)

Jose Garcia – 10th Grade (Everett, MA)

Imani Dottin – 10th Grade (Cambridge, MA)

Ivenson Lopes – 11th Grade (Lynn, MA)