And The 2015 NBA Rookie of the Year Is?

  The 2014 NBA Draft was hyped as being one of the most impactful drafts since 2003 when Lebron James was selected with the 1st overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Prospects with lofty expectations such as Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker were believed to be franchise players capable of turning lottery teams in playoff […]

Hope for Hops

Every basketball player who has ever stepped foot on the blacktop has dreamed of jumping higher.  The 10-foot-tall rusty rim calls out to basketball players, begging for them to grab it, hang on it, and never let go.  Every basketball player has the desire to jump higher so they can dunk on and jump over […]

The Pressure to Succeed

The Pressure to Succeed Being a teenager in high school is not easy. Being a teenage student athlete in high school is even more challenging. In previous blogs I have discussed the challenges of trying to make a basketball team and doing everything possible to prepare and train in order to give yourself the best […]

Improving Your Basketball Speed

  Being fast on the basketball court is a fundamental way to increase your productivity and effectiveness as a basketball player.   What Is “Basketball Speed” and How Is It Different From ‘Regular Speed”? Basketball speed is different from regular speed because basketball is not played in a straight line.  Basketball is a game which […]