Improving in basketball takes consistent practice and hard work!

It is common knowledge that if you practice something everyday that you will improve in it.

For basketball, players can get good quick, but to master the skills a player must work at all the time.

This article will discuss some of the benefits of training on your game every day and is based on Premier Hoops seasonal basketball developmental programs (currently offered in Massachusetts)

Basketball training is a combination of skill development and conditioning drills.

Practicing ball-handling and shooting drills by yourself or with a friend can really elevate your game!

The main benefits of basketball training every day!

In no particular order.

Premier Hoops provides consistency and structure of youth athletes in MA! If an athlete is not doing well in school then they are not allowed to participate in the program. We take deep pride in connecting youth athletes with good coaches, mentors and roll models. The Prime Motor Group Scholarship Fund aids Premier Hoops’s Families every year to make it possible for need-based athletes to attend the training program.

To summarize this article, combining the time an athlete spends practice alone with 3-5 nights per week with Premier Hoops can add many benefits. Our players do not only gain confidence and strength for basketball, but it also carries over into other sports and other areas in life. Throughout the past four years of Premier Hoops training programs in Massachusetts, there has been a tremendous increase in player performance on and off the court. Many of our athletes keep above a 3.0 grade point average!  We have found that training every day can make a positive impact in the classroom…. our athletes are more focused and discipline from the workouts and are also mentored by some of the best trainers in Massachusetts!

We invite an athlete to try Premier Hoops!

“4-Season Program”

Spring – Summer – Fall – Winter