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Premier Hoops Mission Statement


The Premier Difference

Premier Hoops is the #1 program for basketball skills training in New England. Premier Hoops offers a variety of different programs to serve young athletes of all ages and ability levels. Premier Hoops offers our critically acclaimed programs in areas throughout New England such as Billerica, Methuen, Danvers, Marblehead, Peabody, Marblehead, Roxbury, and Cambridge. Premier Hoops continues to expand and make partnerships on a daily basis to ensure that all young athletes have the opportunity to develop themselves into better basketball players.
Give Premier Hoops 1 Year With Your Child

We here at Premier Hoops guarantee that we can develop your child into the best basketball player they can become over the course of a year. Transformation is not something which happens overnight, but rather it takes place as proper techniques and habits are learned and repeated during structured sessions. Premier Hoops will focus on the skill development of young athletes which will create a core of fundamentals that the athletes will carry with them for the rest of their athletic careers. Premier Hoops offers a year round four season program that has proven to enhance performance, confidence, sportsmanship, and overall athletic ability in all those who have participated. In the competitive world of sports, athletes are always looking for an edge to gain over the competition, an edge that does not consist of shortcuts and false hope. At Premier Hoops, we believe that achieving goals and becoming better at something happens through hard work, effort, and accountability.

The coaching staff with Premier Hoops consists of former and current players and coaches who have already traveled down the path and know what it takes to become effective and productive within the game of basketball. They will supply every athlete who walks through the gym doors with the individual attention, coaching, criticism, support, and passion that every young person deserves. The coaching staff with Premier Hoops are passionate and dedicated and have an amazing track record with proven results.

Learn How To Improve

Whether it is in every day life, in the classroom, or on the basketball court, most people have a desire within them to be better, to learn, and to grow. If you or your child is involved in organized sports and is part of a team, they want to recognized at being good at something they are passionate about. They go to practice every day to improve. They visit the local playground every day to improve. They watch basketball games on TV to learn the moves of their favorite players. They want to be improve.

However, we as people are always looking and hoping for better results as we do not learn and improve at the rate we want, and it discourages us to the point where sometimes we stop trying. Premier Hoops does a fantastic job or training the body, but it also does a fantastic job of training the mind to never give up, even during extreme exhaustion and doubt.

Participating in the programs Premier Hoops offers for a year long commitment will not only guarantee you to become a better athlete, and a better basketball player, but it also guarantees that you will learn the tools and skills on how to achieve in life and maximum your potential.


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Contributing writer Jasen Sousa for Premier Hoops is the author of a number of poetry and fiction books for young people. Jasen has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and is a life-long participant and fan of the game of basketball.

The Premier Difference

The Premier Hoops Difference focuses on taking young athletes and turning them into better and smarter basketball players.

Not only do our clients learn the fundamentals necessary to becoming a great basketball player, but they begin to learn WHY they are making the on-court decisions that they make and how to make SMART basketball decisions.

Anyone can learn how to shoot or make a cut, but a true basketball player understands when to make each cut and how to get their shot off quicker.

At Premier Hoops, Basketball Skills MA, we teach our clients how to integrate the skills they learn to real time situations that they will encounter on the court.

Whether our athletes are performing speed and agility drills or simply going through their dynamic warm-up routine, every single movement is designed to make them all-around better athletes and basketball players.

Premier Hoops clients are students of the game of basketball, and we go beyond traditional training methods in teaching them the game.