Healthy Diet Must Haves: Loyalty + Longevity

…These two words definitely go a long way in premier’s #healthydiet #healthylifestyle #performancetraining

Loyalty Mentality – “Staying Hungry/Being Dedicated”

– to the commitment and sacrifice that it takes to achieve results.

– being dedicated to improve at your skills, strength, balance and mobility everyday – DON’T CHEAT YOURSELF!

– putting your goals first and having a never-give-up attitude.

Longevity Mentality – “Staying Balanced”

Results do not happen over night… and the longevity mentality is about taking daily baby-steps to achieve a greater goal in the long run.

Making sure to take care of your body through a healthy balance of training, fun, exercise, rest, stretching, and hydration is very important. 

Having a strive to, “get younger as you get older” attitude is also critical in seeing results and improving performance.

Tom Brady Diet

We are living in the cutting edge, where any person can ask their phone a question and get the correct response instantaneously.

People are beginning to better evaluate what they are putting inside of their body because they can look up the health benefits with a click of a button.

Take Tom Brady, arguably the greatest NFL quarterback of all time (at 40 years young).

Tom decided to make a change in his lifestyle and cut out several items from his daily diet… and his performance has arguably improved as he has aged…

Click this link to learn about Tom’s Diet:

Premier’s Three (3) Tips To Elevating Your Performance

1. Good Dieting

To perform at the highest level it’s important to understand the pros and cons of everything that your body.

Eating rich proteins, good carbs, good fats and many others (click here to learn more) helps your body in so many different ways including: recovery, more energy, clearer/better feeling skin, and performance on the court!Food

Foods we love:


Everybody is different and it’s important to enjoy what you are eating.

By putting healthy choices into your body it tremendously increases your level of performance and recovery.

2. Training

To be great, you need to combine proper dieting and proper training!

At Premier Hoops, Boston’s #1 Basketball Skills Training Program, we focus on several aspects of training

When mastering each of these functions, players will perform at an extremely high level and will also help mitigate the risk for injury.

It’s very important to slowly build a fundamental base around each muscle group.

It’s also very important to get hundreds (sometimes thousands) of repetitions on each particular skill set to build muscle memory and improve skill level/strength.


3. Creative Maintenance  

Everyone is different and during the course of eating your healthy diet / doing the correct training exercises it’s important to creatively switch up your meals and routines. 

Important maintenance concepts are:

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