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Basketball Last Summer!

basketball camps

About New Summer Basketball Programs!

This summer, we have special basketball programs for all ages.

Looking to make a difference and help raise money for teens / young adults with disabilities?

Play basketball for a good cause in 2on2 Basketball Tourney.

Premier Hoops is working with nonprofit You’re With Us! to run this incredible event.

You’re With Us! connects teens and young adults (14+) with disabilities who, because of their disabilities, are not part of a group, community or activity that would be typical of their abled peers. You’re With Us! does this by identifying and training college clubs, groups, and teams to be welcoming and supportive peers to the disabled. Yourewithus.org

The tourney will be on Saturday, June 18 and will have separate divisions for K-12 grade boys and girls.

Come by and show some support!

Week-Long Basketball Clinics and Camps

Are you looking for your child to spend a week with our top level coaching staff?

We will have several full week 1/2 and full day skills clinics, where players will work on the fundamentals and get to play full-court team games!

Each day of the basketball skills clinics and camps will have a different focus.

Focuses include: Defense, Offensive movement / spacing, shooting, footwork, ball-hamdling/dribble moves, boxing out/closing out and more!

At our skills clinics, your child will not only have fun, but also receive private instruction on what he / she needs to do to take their game to the next level.

Full week summer basketball programs will be in on North Shore and Southern NH areas such as Cambridge, Methuen, Peabody, Marblehead, Salisbury and other featured locations (TBA).

Weekly Small Group Skills Training

You are guaranteed to totally lift your game to the next level through our 4-week and 8-week summer skills training programs.

During the Weekday 4S Skills League, we will be teaching players the proper way to do many of the strength, skills, and quickness drills we will be doing in July-August.

This intro program also features training on ball-handling, passing, and shooting drills.

The Weekend Specialty Skills are private skills training sessions focused on more specific skill sets such as: footwork, defensive, low post and more.

In July-August, we have the ultimate summer basketball program that lasts eight weeks.

Here you will be pushed to the next level through intense 1.5 hour workout, which include conditioning, strength, skills and competitive scrimmaging.

Locations for these programs include Marblehead, Peabody, Methuen and other locations may also be added based on interest!

Summer Teams and League

Are you an incoming 2-12th grader, who looking to get some competitive run throughout the summer?

We will be playing in a summer league on the North Shore MA and Southern NH regions.

10 Ways that you can take your game to the next level this summer!


  1. Play basketball everyday (at least 3 hours per day)
  2. Carry a basketball around with you everywhere you go… the more you have a ball with you the better feel you will have when dribbling, passing, catching etc.
  3. Play in summer leagues
  4. Attend camps and skills clinics
  5. Work on your endurance and strength by running or biking (1-3 miles per day), doing wind-sprints, pushups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, pull-ups, dips and other body weight exercises.
  6. Play against older and more competitive players to challenge yourself.
  7. Eat right! Lots of greens, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein… stay off fried foods.
  8. Stretch a lot… it’s important to stay flexible and limber before and after you play.
  9. Stay hydrated… drink lots of water every day.
  10. Practice on your weaknesses… if you have a strong right hand then make your left hand just as good. Try to come out of the summer with a new move or facet to your game that you did not have before.

More about why your child will have an incredible time with Premier Hoops this Summer!

Some of the biggest differentiating factors between Premier Hoops and other programs are:

  • Our incredible coaches – click here to learn more about them!
  • The variety and flexible of our summer basketball programs
  • No babysitting! – We offer high quality where your child will learn the fundamental skills to the game of basketball
  • Wide range of locations… we have programs in Northern Mass, Southern NH, and Metro Boston areas.

It’s worth the drive to attend one of Premier Hoops top level summer programs.

Just from one lesson or day of camp, your child will experience a difference in their skills.

Your child will learn something new every time he/she attends one of our summer skills programs.