Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life-
Alan Lakein

Understanding the importance of managing your time well is one of the most valuable tools to success in life. The earlier that a child learns the right organizational skills, the easier it will be for them to excel in their academics, athletics, extra curricular activities and social life. It is important to understand that balancing everything on their plate by priority is key. It’s common for kids to rely on their parents to figure out their schedules with in-school activities and out of school activities. As a child gets older, it’s crucial for them to understand they have responsibilities and to start figuring out how to manage there time most effectively.

The life of a student athlete requires a lot of time and commitment at any level. Staying on top of how you manage your time is key to being successful in the classroom and on the court. We’ve outlined a few strategies that we’ve learned will make a weekly schedule work:

Don’t Over-Commit: One of the first steps to managing your time is by first being realistic to yourself and knowing your limits.  Once you know the schedule of your activities, the more organized you are, the better. These are skills that will remain extremely useful and valuable to you in your professional career.

Integrated Planning: Combining all of your schedules into one planner is much more effective than having multiple schedules. As soon as something comes up (assignment, test, practice, bus departure, recital, anything!) write it down so you can see it!

Using Time Wisely: Another effective way to manage your time well is to make good use of your time! If a snowstorm hits and school is cancelled, take that day to get ahead on your schoolwork!

Studying on the Bus: Athletics at any level require traveling and away trips are always fun, but taking advantage of the time on the road to study or start your homework will lower the load of work you have to do later!

Turn Off Electronics: Any electronic that isn’t being used for an assignment is a distraction. Turn off your cell phone, stay off social media, and stay away from the TV.  All of these devices lead to procrastination. Reward yourself upon completion of something with a little TV time.

Using these tips and staying on top of your schoolwork and your schedule will lead you to success as a student athlete and success in your professional career. Developing good habits at a young age will prepare you for the future! We hope this post provided you with some healthy inspiration to get into good habits!

“You can’t make up for lost time. You can only do better in the future.” – Ashley Ormon