Top Five Ways To Improve | Basketball Summer Camps

basketball summer camps in ma

When looking into basketball summer camps for youth-high school basketball players there are many important factors to consider:

1) Elite Basketball Skills Training

It’s important to know what type of skills training will be going on at basketball summer camps. 

For example:

BAD BASKETBALL SUMMER CAMP: Players are split up into large groups to play knock-out and open-gym pick up.

GOOD BASKETBALL SUMMER CAMP: Players are split up into small groups and work on skills and drills such as: ball-handling, passing, dribble moves and footwork, shooting, balance and strength.

Consider looking at:

Summer Basketball Programs MA and NH

2) Duration of Practice

When attending basketball summer camps it’s very important to be focused on improving the entire time you are there.

By attending at least three (3) hours of training at least four (4) times per week, we guarantee incredible improvement for players of any level!

Also, sometimes doing consistent training every week for 1.5-2 hours per session for 4-8 weeks.

Consider looking at:


Kiddie Hoops Click Here

FOR AGES 7-17:

June Skills Click Here

July-August Skills Click Here

3) Quality of Coaching & Direction

Learn from the #1 coaches and trainers in Mass, who have done it themselves!

All of Premier Hoops Coaches have played D3, D2, D1, and professionally and will pass down all of their knowledge to the youth athletes.

At Premier Hoops, your child will not only get the best basketball training, but we will also create a customized training routine to help each player reach their personal goals.

4) Have the Lifestyle Mentality

What’s the life style mentality? Don’t just go to basketball summer camps… take what you learn and practice it everyday.

Carrying a ball around with you everywhere you go and playing pick-up at the local parks is all part of the “lifestyle mentality.”

Practicing moves that your favorite players do and dreaming big about being great is all part of the “lifestyle mentality.”

Basketball is not just a game. It’s a lifestyle.

5) Develop Confidence

Many people say “90% of the game is mental” and they are right!

If you can’t make the plays in a game that you practice is skills & drills, you will never build confidence.

The harder you train and more that you practice/play the quicker you will develop confidence!

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